Cruising the skies or waiting in the Hangar?

I do not know what is it about air travel or travel in general and the flow of thoughts combined with the urge to pen them down. It’s almost like an irresistible urge. Something very similar to when you just have to go to the bathroom and can’t control your pee any longerJ Wonder if I could have given a more subtle example but then the relatability factor of natural instincts in unquestionable. Right, and now that we have established that…

Enroute to the airport today I got consumed by the sight of airplanes on the runway waiting for their turn to get the OK signal for flying. Then there are planes which were simply standing by which are even farther away in the process of taking off and nowhere close to the runway. Can you guess what I am getting at? Perhaps it’s too early to have you guess. All those airplanes standing over there and also the ones closer to the runway have their routes planned and their times of flying set. The mere act of ‘waiting’ close to the runway or being farther away in the hangar does not negate the fact that they will indeed fly. They will fly but only at a certain time and on a certain route.

I have often wondered…

What’s the need for yet another life coach, doctor, healer, teacher, dancer when so many already exist and what could this yet another person could even dream of contributing that hasn’t already been done.

What’s the point in starting yet another company if you are not the pioneer in the industry?

What’s the point of doing anything if I am only going to be lost in the crowd of me toos??

The starting point here is the thought that knowingly or unknowingly we all strive to contribute/make a difference. Even if you think are you are not the ‘helper’ or ‘social worker’ or ‘activist’ type, no matter what you are doing, you chose it to make a difference and to contribute. Some of us who work a job simply to meet ends and take care of a family are making a difference in that exact manner- providing to the family. If you are driven by intellectual kung-fu and have chosen to be a business analyst or forensic psychologist , you are making a difference. If you have chosen to be a full time home maker then you are making a huge difference in several lives at once. No matter what hat you are wearing, you are making a difference.

The second point is discovering our own uniqueness (I know that’s such a clichéd term but please bear with me) that lies within us. What is your USP? It’s everything about YOU. The type of family you were born in, the school you went to , the religion you follow or chose not to, major life events that have occurred and shaped you, are all factors that are unique to you and you alone. These experiences impact our thinking in unique ways, the way we make decisions, the way we interact with the world etc. You are a me too only until you see yourself through a different lens. And yes another important factor is that you need to honor your unique gifts yourself i.e. be authentic and embrace all the crap you have been through.

Much like the different routes for airplanes and a different timing to fly, each one of us has followed a unique route and will continue to do so. Even if you are doing the same job with the same set of tasks, you do it and process it differently than the next person who does it. There always are differences.

In a spiritual/philosophical sense your plane will take off when it is the exact match of your abilities with a time of need which is much larger than what our rational minds can comprehend. All airplanes never cruise the sky at once and neither can we have all on the runway at the same time. If we can get out of our heads and appreciate the ‘whole’, we would perhaps be able to see that not all people who have been successful did it at age 20 or 50. Each one has a different story. What is the common is their ability to acknowledge their uniqueness, embrace some level of uncertainty and take action. Don’t beat yourself up if 5 of your friends are millionaires and you are not right at this time. (On second thoughts, you could absolutely choose to do so if you do enjoy self-torture.)

I don’t have a count for how many airplanes exist today and how many cruise the global skies at once but there’s always room for more or so it seems. There’s always room for YOU to BE YOU! There’s a difference that ONLY YOU can make living in the most ordinary circumstances. A certain set of people with whom ONLY YOU will interact in the way YOU do. There is a micro in this whole macro that can only be touched by you.

Would love to hear if you have been able to relate to any of this..



Would you work even if no one paid you for it?

Work is Worship, Work gives me satisfaction…Work = life for me, I would be nothing if not for my work. All these statements intrigue me. Read ahead for some observations and findings.

Since ancient times now, human beings have been “working”. Some have a reason to work, some invent one and some are blissful in not having one. Reason or nor reason, we work. Be it a housewife at home, an entrepreneur who creates his own work, an artist whose expression becomes his work, an employee who works for someone etc etc…What exactly makes a human being want to work or have to work? Is it money? May be not, for, in the times of barter too, we did carry out some activities which were not necessarily for any commercial gains. It was more of need based exchange of goods and services. If it were simply for rupees or dollars that we work today, why do we dread the thought of being paid a hefty sum for non occupation? With due respect to the exceptions who are capable of digesting unearned salaries. Having said that, our need to work is not necessarily linked to money. Money or no money, we would surely engage ourselves in some kind of activity.

Literally, work means a set of activities that all of us engage in at some of point of time or for a period of time. A Need is intrinsic and basic in nature, the fulfillment of which gives us a sense of satisfaction. For example, food and water satisfy our basic needs of hunger and thirst. It is only when these are left unfulfilled that we realize how primary they are to one’s existence. Assuming that Irrespective of the existence of Money, we would like to engage in some activity, “working” or being engaged possibly leads to fulfillment of some basic need in a human being. Let’s now try and understand what that basic need in us is.

Each one of us is a bundle of energy captured in a particular form. I do not know much of science but know that energy is not meant to be lying idle, rather cannot be idle. The fundamental characteristic of energy is that it gets transformed. Even if we choose not to move physically, mental energy is in action. This energy needs to be channelised. It is like generating electricity through channelizing water in a river stream. Although apparently, a river stream may look calm or in some cases even idle, there is a lot of activity that goes on inside it. The process of channelization also gets coloured depending on the circumstances in which we are planted. It either takes a negative or a positive connotation. For example, the bundle of energy is possibly the same when we are born but our childhood, schooling, friends and parents all through a process of conditioning, carve a channel for that energy. We often, say that a man is better known by the company that he keeps. This helps us understand that by and large, a person born amongst goons might become one or a teacher’s child would possibly first think of teaching. This is purely to be seen as an example for the effect the circumstances can have on us. Further to this, the element of choice also helps us transform the energy within us or to move it to positivity. The person born into poverty may choose to educate himself and grow up to be a learned man against all odds or you may juxtapose this situation with that of a child born to a wealthy businessman who grows up to be a wastrel. Hence, we know that there is some energy within all of us which always looks for an outlet.
For simpler understanding, we can categorize this energy as positive or negative depending on the activity for which it is used or the effect that it has. In absolute terms, positive energy is one that creates and negative energy would be one that destroys (for a moment, lets set aside, the creation that is possible through destruction). In essence, both involve expression. The energy within gets manifested in the form of the expression.

Every human being is said to manifest through him, a certain set of intentions which belong to the entire cosmos. It is like a subset of the universe. The ingredients that form part of each bundle of energy may be the same but differ in proportions and hence manifested differently with different intensities and focus. An example for this could be the five elements that constitute our body. The elements are the same but each body and the system inside are different. Having the same base elements, some bodies are dark, light, heavy, long, short, etc. In case of bodies, genes play an important role in creating a unique body, similarly, the situations/circumstances that one is brought up in shapes up his choice of “energy expression” which could be to create or to destroy. Also, as mentioned above, the intensity of or the focus of the “energy elements” or set of intentions that one would manifest differs from person to person. It is the dominance of one these elements that defines your intrinsic need to “do something” and leave the rest of the elements or intentions available to you. Hence, we find that some people have a natural inclination towards Arts/Sports/Academics/Commerce etc. It is this part of your natural being that looks for an outlet over a period of years.

The energy within brings out a need to transform itself into some other form and therefore a human being finds purpose in engaging himself in some form of activity. It is this energy in each one of us that needs an expression and makes us work. Hence, money or no money, a human being will always be involved in some activity and keep this energy engaged, for, this precious energy cannot be wasted.

One level higher, people who are able to find their respective focus are the people who derive joy out of their work. With a little bit of search within, one can know what is it that makes him come alive and what makes him listless.