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Pooja Joshi-Life Coach

Pooja Joshi MA,MBA

I am a trained Counselor (MA) and a Business Management Professional (MBA) with a Coaching certification through Robbins and Madanes training center. My education and experience in Counseling, Business Management supplemented by my training in Coaching provide me with a solid foundation to facilitate your personal journey of transformation and growth.

My key deliverables as Your Coach will be:

  1. Identifying recurring life themes and beliefs
  2. Analyzing the gap between your current state and your future desired state
  3. Building and Implementing strategies towards the fulfillment of your goals
  4. Integrating the changes into your relational system

In my work I combine Western techniques & Eastern spiritual wisdom to create a space for effecting change through self-awareness. I utilize an optimal balance of therapeutic and management techniques to facilitate effective sustainable change. My intention is to offer hope, solutions and solace to all those who aspire to be a better version of themselves.

When I listen to you, I utilize my Coaching hat along with my understanding of the 7 energy centers, Ayurveda,Vedic Astrology and the Mind-Body connection. My business background brings an analytical action orientation which will ensure that you take action towards your goals. I believe in challenging people while providing them with a supportive space.

My work is ever evolving with my life experiences. Coaching is a means for me to engage in my desire to contribute. I love blogging, dancing and being in nature. I view life as a school and relationships as the toughest subject/course.

My best to you,



Chakra Wisdom Healing Certificate-Deborah King Center


LifeForce Energy Healing Certificate-Deborah King Center


Strategic Intervention Coach Training Certificate-Robbins- Madanes Training Center

Life Coach Certification- Robbins and Madanes Training Center